The founders of Sactown Union Brewery are obsessively passionate about creating great beer and strong, thriving communities. 

We go to work every day to brew complex, unique and remarkable craft beers and are people who care about not just what we're brewing, but the people who enjoy our beers and the environment those people enjoy them in. 

We believe the greatest businesses don’t operate in a vacuum, and have the responsibility to focus on a “triple bottom line” of community, environment, and profitability – each equally as important as the next. 

None of us climb the “Tower” alone - we stand on the shoulders of giants that have come before us and hold them in a revered place of distinction and respect, continuing the tradition of their pioneering and creative spirits. We don’t operate in spite of them, we operate in honor of them. This is the core of our belief that “we’re not just brewing beer, we’re brewing community.”