If you are hosting a charity event, or are part of a non-profit organization, and would like to request a donation from Sactown Union Brewery, please fill out the form below completely. We make every effort to help in aiding local charities, NPOs, and causes both locally and nationwide. 

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Organization Address
Event Details

We get a LOT of requests throughout the year, but the more info you can give us, the better your chances of being approved will be! If your donation is approved, you will receive a confirmation email that will include the pickup location. You will also need to send us a copy of your One-Day General ABC License you’re acquiring for the event on or before the day you pick up the donated beer.

By submitting the form below, you are agreeing to and acknowledging that:

  • You can prove you are over 21 years of age and will be required to do so at pick up.
  • You will comply with all local laws in handling our donation.
  • You will obtain any special permits required by your local alcohol regulatory agency and supply us with a copy of it on or before the date of pick up.
  • You will pick up your beer and return any kegs and/or dispensing equipment to us within a week of your event.
  • You will only use our logos and trademarks as approved by us in writing.
  • You are the authorized representative of the group seeking the donation.
  • You understand that the legal use of any and all language, placement of alcohol beverage logos, product likenesses, advertising images and/or messages varies state to state and you are responsible for advertising legally.