There is good reason for having sustainability listed amongst our five Core Values and Beliefs: Being known as a “green” business now days isn’t just a popular trend – it is our responsibility to the world around us and it critical to our long term viability and success! As stakeholders within this endeavor, the long term cost savings realized through more sustainable resource utilization and effluence/waste reduction are undeniable and more important than ever.

This sustainable mindset pervades throughout every aspect of our business. A few examples of this include:

All spent grain and yeast from brewing and any organic waste is given to local farmers for composting or animal feed.

All glass, plastic bottles, aluminum and steel cans, newspapers, office paper, and cardboard is recycled.

We will utilize energy efficient appliances and light fixtures (using natural daylight wherever we can) as well as water saving practices and appliances wherever possible.

Our guests will have the opportunity to have receipts emailed or texted to them instead of automatically printing out checks in an effort to cut down on paper waste.

We will take every opportunity to source our ingredients, packaging, art, etc, from locally owned and operated farms, businesses, and individuals around Sacramento and throughout California, both to support our local economy and to lower our overall carbon footprint.

We will set up an incentive program to reward our employees and our guests for their waste reduction and resource conservation ideas – because this must be a project/concept we all understand and embrace and we must take an active role in the pursuit of this goal.