We will work tirelessly to be known as a business that doesn’t just say they really care about their employees – but one that proves it every day. A throwback to the core business values of the past where a company cared about its employees as much as it cared about its profits, where employees were valued for their unique contributions and in turn those employees cared about their company and stayed with it for the long haul. We will be a brewery where people love their jobs and come to work enthusiastic to dive back in.

To work at Sactown Union Brewery, you have to really know and be excited about our beers, truly understand every step of how they are made and show every day how passionate you are about Craft Beer. Every single member of the Tower Brew Co., LLC organization, from our Tap Room Beertenders to our Management, will be fully educated on the brewing process and will be able to give a brewery tour upon request at any time, educating our region’s drinkers as to what we are all about and how our beer is made. After all, as Thomas Jefferson said “a Tower built upon the sand will surely crumble, while those built upon rock can stand forever.”

For information on job postings with Sactown Union Brewery, please send a resume and cover letter to info@sactownunion.com.